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Experienced Nephrology Care in Southern California

Southland Renal Medical Group is a leader in the field of nephrology, which concerns itself with the treatment and management of various forms of kidney disorders. We are a group of board-certified physicians with many years of experience. Our physicians are recognized for their dedication and commitment to the advancement of the treatment and prevention of renal disease and are at the forefront of the field of nephrology.

Integrated health care assistance

We are pleased be able to offer assistance in the creation of fully integrated health care that includes outpatient programs, inpatient services, and end stage renal disease management. We provide these services at our four outpatient offices, leading hospitals, and multiple dialysis facilities. Our four outpatient offices serve patients who can be seen in their local communities. We provide a value-based care model that enables the coordination of patient-centered, patient-driven nephrology care. Ongoing training, continuing education, and a passion for excellence are factors that help keep us at the top of our field.

Our physicians continually strive for greater levels of innovation to create the model health system for the future. We continue to maintain the highest standards of compassionate patient care, and provide comprehensive patient support services. We also continue to expand our network in order to make sure kidney services of all kinds are available wherever they are needed. We truly want to offer high-quality medical care for those with kidney disease, and we are working hard to make sure that we’re connecting with those who are interested in offering that to their patients.

Our service area

Southland Renal Medical Group is based in Long Beach, CA, and has a strong presence in communities in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We currently serve all major medical groups, managed care organizations, and health plans in Southern California. For a complete listing of our medical offices, please visit the Our Locations page of this website. For any questions about how to get involved with us or to make an appointment for care, give us a call. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.

Call to ask about our approach! 562-630-3111